Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wanis International Foods?

Wanis International Foods is the UK’s leading World Foods wholesaler. We stock authentic foods from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the USA and many other regions, as well as classic British products.

We offer nationwide delivery, international export and cash and carry services.

For registered members who would like to shop at our cash and carry, we’re based in Leyton, East London. Our address is:

Wanis International Foods

Golden House
Orient Way, Leyton
London E10 7FE, UK

We are also a proud winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

Can I Shop at Wanis?

Only registered Wanis members can shop at Wanis.

Our customers are:

Retailers: Independents, online sellers, supermarkets and symbol groups

Food service: Restaurants, takeaways, cafes and caterers

Wholesalers: Distributors and cash and carrys

Public service: Hospitals, schools, government agencies and prison services

Community Groups: Charities, religious organisations and food banks

What Types of Membership Does Wanis Offer?

We offer two types of membership:

Delivery: Over 3,000 products delivered nationwide and exported internationally. The minimum order for free nationwide delivery is £1,500.

Cash & Carry: 7,000 products ready to buy at our cash and carry in Leyton, East London. The minimum spend is £250.

Customers requiring both delivery and cash and carry services should sign up for both memberships as and when they are needed.

Can a Non-Member Shop at Wanis?

Wanis is exclusively for its members. If you want to buy bulk foods for non-commercial purposes, we may be able to recommend local cash and carrys that can cater to your needs.

Why Should My Business Buy International Foods?

The popularity of World Foods continues to increase, in some part thanks to social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram driving consumer interest in home cooking, dining experiences and international cuisines.

Modern food businesses must cater for the evolving needs of their customers, who come from many different backgrounds and desire a wide range of foods and drinks that are not available from regular wholesalers, but are available from Wanis International Foods.

Wanis International Foods stocks iconic brands deeply rooted in the cultures of their originating communities. By choosing Wanis, you gain access to these brands and, in turn, a connection to the communities they represent.

What International Foods Does Wanis Stock?

Below is an overview of the different categories of products we stock – and some of the most popular brands in each of those categories:

  • Grocery
    • Baked Goods
      • Tortuga, Honey Bun, Uncle John’s, Abuja, Tasty Bakery
    • Cereals & Porridges
      • Cerelac, Kellogg’s, Tropical Sun
    • Chilled Foods
      • Cawoods, Golden Ray, Haldiram’s. Mufaro’s, Captain Cook
    • Condiments
      • Maggi, Encona, Tropical Sun, Bevelini, Baron, Chief
    • Dairy
      • Nido, Peak, Tropical Sun, Everest
    • Flours & Powders
      • Iwisa, Tropical Sun, Africa’s Finest, Pegasus, McDougall’s, PAN
    • Frozen Foods
      • Haldiram’s, Givrex, Shana, TAJ, Nisa’s, Pluvera
    • Fruits & Vegetables
      • Cirio, Napolina, Tropical Sun, Bevelini, Sofra, California Garden
    • Oils
      • Filippo Berio, Tropical Sun, Natco, KTC, Bevelini
    • Pasta & Noodles
      • Indo Mie, Koka, Bevelini, Pot Noodle, Samyang, Maggi
    • Rice
      • Tilda, Tolly Boy, Tropical Sun, Green Dragon, Setara, Aani, Village Pride, Africa’s Finest
    • Seasonings
      • Rajah, Tropical Sun, Aani, TRS, Greenfields, Dunn’s River
    • Snacks
      • Haldiram’s, Tropical Sun, Regal, Cofresh, Rajbhog, Jaimin, Ramdev, Village Pride
    • Drinks
      • Alcohol
        • Wray & Nephews, Nigerian Guiness, Red Stripe, Royal Jamaican, Dragon Stout
      • Energy Drinks
        • Red Bull, Boost, Lucozade, Monster
      • Malt Drinks
        • Supermalt, Megamalt, Vitamalt, Malta Guinness, Maltina
      • Milk Drinks
        • Miracle, Supligen, Nurishment, NRICH, Oatly
      • Soft Drinks
        • Tropical Vibes, Coca Cola, Ting, Rubicon, Dr Pepper (USA), Fanta (USA)
      • Tonics
        • Magnum, Rude Boy, Wha Gwan, Rum Vibes
      • Water
        • Evian, Pinar, Volvic, Saka, Brecon Carreg
      • Health & Beauty
        • Hemani, Blue Power, PA Benjamin
      • Equipment
        • Guycan, Tropical Sun
      • Cleaning
        • Domestos, Dettol, Fairy, Nilco
      • Catering
        • Satco, Infinity Packaging, Sirius, Preema

Can Wanis Save Me Money on my Bulk World Foods Shop?

Wanis customers can unlock significant savings and fuel their business growth thanks to:

  • Highly competitive pricing – across our product range
  • Budget products – a wide range for value-conscious shoppers
  • Special promotions – regular promotions and special offers
  • Time savings – do all of your World Food shopping in one place!

Ok, I’ve Heard Enough. Sign Me Up!

If you would like to become a Wanis member, consider the below criteria. If you tick all four, then get in touch via the contact button below, or sign up for our delivery membership and/ or cash and carry membership today!

  • Looking to buy wholesale World Foods in the immediate future
  • Proof of personal identity
  • Proof of personal address
  • Proof of business

Why Become a Wanis Cash & Carry Member?

Range – Unrivalled range of 10,000 World Food products from over 900 brands

Location – convenient East London location near to New Spitalfields Market

Opening Times – open 7 days per week, from 5AM on weekdays

Why Choose Wanis Cash & Carry?

In-demand foods from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Mediterranean and the USA, as well as classic British products.

Dedicated ambient, catering, chilled, frozen, non-food and tobacco aisles.

Personal service including forklift loading and carry-to-car.

What Products does Wanis stock?

You can see a selection of our products in the Wanis brochure.

We stock hundreds of popular brands including Nestle, Tropical Sun, Maggi, Indo Mie, Africa’s Finest and Tropical Vibes.

To get a sense of our wider offering, below are a few of our most popular products.

View the Wanis Delivery Brochure

The Wanis Delivery Brochure features 3,000+ products that we deliver nationwide. Wanis Cash & Carry stocks an additional 7,000+ products that are not delivered nor featured in the brochure. For details of these products, speak to one of our team or visit the Wanis Cash & Carry!

Sign Up as a Wanis Delivery Customer Today!

Should you have any enquires and want to speak to one of the Wanis team, please do get in touch. We look forward to serving you.

Some of our most popular brands and products: