Get the Most out of World Foods!

Get the Most out of World Foods!

The popularity of World Foods has been steadily increasing for many years but has gone into overdrive since the pandemic barged its way into our lives in Spring 2020. With overseas travel and adventurous leisure activities being put on ice, many have turned to exotic international foods to fill the void, contributing to a 28.7% increase in market size over the past year. From indulgent Caribbean cuisines to hyper-colour American soft drinks, retailers are stocking increasingly wide selections of World Foods to cater for the evolving needs of their customers who are looking for more exciting foods and drinks to entertain as well as sustain them. Within the World Foods category, many subcategories are seeing large increases in consumer spending.

Table Sauces

+18% Market Growth

A true multi-purpose product, many table sauces can be used as both a condiment and cooking ingredient, giving your customer great bang for their buck. Long gone are the days when ketchup ruled the roost. Many household cupboards now boast upwards of five different sauces at one time. A good sauce selection is an essential feature of any World Foods offering.

Tropical Vibes Table Sauces Lined Up

Launched to much fanfare in 2020, Tropical Sun’s range of international hot sauces is making a big splash in the market.

Tropical Vibes Rice Packets On A Plain Background


+12% Market Growth

The most popular grain on the planet, rice is the primary dietary staple for more than half the world’s population and therefore many of the UK’s migrant communities. Demand for rice skyrocketed at the start of the pandemic and has remained high ever since as households look to economise in the face of uncertain economic conditions. A strong rice offering will drive sales of complementary products such as seasonings and sauces.

Soft Drinks

>70% Brand Growth

Whilst the soft drinks market is not growing at the pace of some other World Foods subcategories, some brands are seeing massive year on year growth. Bright, bold, youthful and exotic flavoured drinks are in and middle-of-the-road, low-sugar drinks are out. If consumers are going to indulge, then they want to do it BIG!

Tropical Vibes Soft Drinks

One of the fastest growing soft drinks brands in the UK, Tropical Vibes has taken the country by storm, growing its annual sales by 70% in its second year.

A Picture Showing You How To Plan Your Shelves

1 Metre, 4 Shelf Recommended Planogram

Plan your Shelf the Right Way to Maximise Sales!

  • Tailor your product range based on your local customers.
  • Remove product duplication. Remember: 20% of SKUs typically contribute to 80% of sales.
  • Stock well-known brands to instil confidence and drive conversion.
  • Range price-marked packs where possible.

Maximise your World Foods Space!

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