Africa's Finest

Africa's Finest has been delivering high quality specialty African food products for four years. Housing over 100 products ranging from dried fish, seasonings, soups, oils and traditional African staple foods such as Gari.


Established in 1844, Baldwin’s is London’s oldest and most established herbalists; Housing over 150 brands and 8000 products. Baldwin’s aim is to provide quality products at a great value.


The Baron Food range includes over 150 products, which have won numerous international awards and recognition for outstanding quality. Our range of products are available worldwide.

PA Benjamin's

Established in 1879, producing high quality products varying from pharmaceuticals and personal care to food flavourings and household cleaning products. Benjamin’s stands as the oldest drug making company in Jamaica.


Launched in 1950, Carib is an original and authentic Caribbean style lager. It is the preferred brew of Trinidad and Tobago. Carib beer has won gold medals for being a growing brand both nationally and internationally.


CERELAC® is a range of tasty and nutritious infant cereals with milk powder, suitable for infants from 6 months. CERELAC® contains essential nutrients and vitamins and comes in a variety of flavours making it ideal for each stage of weaning.


Chief Brand Products is now a household brand name in Trinidad and Tobago, and is well known in various other countries to which the products are exported. The company has come a long way since its launch in 1957.


Started off as a small bakery in 1982 producing packaged snacks. Ranging from donuts and cupcakes to cinnamon rolls, 30 years later this brand is recognised as a Jamaican household staple. It is distributed worldwide by Wanis.


Registered in Jamaica since 1986, the Miracle brand has become a household brand for many Jamaican families. Our products vary from canned goods and sauces to pastas and snacks. Our products are now distributed worldwide.

Tropical Sun

The Tropical Sun brand is a range of authentic African and Caribbean food and drink products, that reflects the true and original taste of Africa and the Caribbean.


Tropiway is a trademark of Tropical Foods which has been trading since 1987. Based in the U.S, Tropiway produces unique and authentic traditional African foods such as cocoyam FUFU flour and plantain chips.

Village Pride

Village Pride has been trading for over 15 years with a variety of more than thirty products. Its proposition is to produce value products with a reasonable quality to help families enjoy ethnic products at great prices.